About the Production

In our current Indonesia Focus Year the UHM Asian Theatre Program will present a Wayang Listrik shadow-puppetry production. The initial period of instruction started in January, 2015 with Balinese guest artist I Madé Widana and doctoral student Annie Reynolds in residence at UHM overseeing classes and workshops. They introduced students to Balinese dance, puppetry, and gamelan music.

For the show, students will be trained as dancers, actors, shadow casters, puppeteers, singers, musicians, and designers.  For the second phase of training (Fall 2015), two additional artists from Bali will join the production team to collaborate during the rehearsal period. I Ketut Wirtawan, a master dancer and puppeteer, and I Madé Moja, a well-known designer and painter, will be responsible for creating the puppets, masks, and overall stage design.

The year-long training and rehearsal period will culminate in a Balinese Wayang Listrik show presented in January 22-31, 2016, at the UHM Kennedy Theatre. Outreach performances in the local community will follow the theatrical run.

Subali-Sugriwa: Battle of the Monkey Kings

This production is an example of wayang listrik, a modern Balinese theatre genre that builds on traditional wayang kulit shadow puppetry, combining live dance, shadow acting and a full gamelan ensemble. The story for this production is based on episodes taken from the Indian Ramayana, which has long been an important source of story material for Balinese theatre.

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