OPEN Auditions!

Open auditions are coming up next week for our Wayang Listrik production. If you plan to audition (and we hope you do!!!), please sign up for a slot soon so we can get a sense of how many students to expect. The sign-up sheet for auditions slots can be found on the Main Production Board in the Hallway of Kennedy Theatre.


The audition process has been simplified (for those of you a little hesitant):

Please be ready to present a short, 2-minute monologue, and be ready to improvise with a puppet and shadow masks that we will give you at the audition. If you have already prepared a section of dance or acting from one of the prep classes, of course, you will be able to present this as well.

If you have questions about the audition or rehearsal schedule, please feel free to ask Kirstin Pauka.  Looking forward to working with many of you in this exciting project!